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Monday, February 20, 2012


You never know what you have until its gone.
It’s funny how a person can break your heart, and you can still love them with all the little pieces.
People think it’s holding on that makes you stronger, but sometimes it’s letting go.
Wherever you are, you’ll always be in my heart .
I hate you and everything we once were.
The worst feeling in the world is giving all the love you have and knowing it will never be returned.
Where there is love, there is pain.
Love is like heaven but can hurt like hell.
We always ignore the ones who adore us, and adore the ones who ignore us.
I’m afraid to love afraid to love so fast, because every time I fall in love it never seems to last.
I dont miss her, I miss who I thought she was.

mmg betul kalo skali kite kne tipu susah tuk kite caye kn balik...

mmg sakit ble kne tipu...bukan sekali bukan due kali tp dh banyak kali.(dh mcm lagu sepah plak..haha)..

jadi jgn lah kite menipu sbb sepandai2 tupai melompat akan jatuh ke tnah juga...

and ble org yg ditpu 2 tau sendiri..lagi sakit....hahaa....

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